synctool is a configuration management tool for working with clusters of computers. synctool copies configuration files to groups of machines in your cluster based on what groups (or classes) they are in. By doing so, it keeps the configuration on that group of machines synchronized (or, “in sync”). If needed, synctool will restart or reload any daemons as you wish. synctool can be easily extended to do other administrative tasks such as checking daemons, checking free disk space, installing packages, etc. or any other task you want it to do.

synctool simplifies system administration by working with the following concepts:

See the documentation for more information.
Read the documentation as a single page document.

The latest version is 6.3

Download synctool from github: v6.3.tar.gz

Please see the Changelog for changes between the releases

If you don't have ssh, I recommend OpenSSH, which you can get at
If you don't have rsync, I recommend rsync, which you can get at the samba rsync web pages

The source code of synctool is hosted at github